Having Darrin Brege present at your school is an experience that you will not forget!  Since he has just released his "Chill Art Sketchbook, How to Draw 12 of Your Favorite Creatures From the Michigan and American Chillers Series", he begins his presentation discussing some of the fantastic creatures he created for the covers of the Michigan and American Chillers series.  
He takes the audience on a step-by-step exciting journey of how easy it is to create characters from stick figures, moving into shapes, complete with details and perspective.  He gives the complete "how-to" of creating a character from start to finish.
This is then followed up by drawing other popular cartoon characters accompanied with the exact voice of those characters.  (Darrin is also the character voice over artist for a popular radio station).  This completely adds to the discussion of working in the arts in Michigan. Since Darrin works as an illustrator and a voice-over artist, he gives the guidance of what it takes to work in those fields.
This is followed by a special segment called "Creating a Cover"; where the students themselves actually give instructions on a character and storyline while watching their vision come to life. 
The entire presentation is high-energy and enlightening fun, yet completely educational.  The wrap up is a Q & A, with a book signing.
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What they're saying about Mr. Brege's presentation...

I really enjoyed your presentation at Warren Woods Middle School. It was a lot of fun and I really wish it could have been longer. You inspired me to start drawing again. I have always loved drawing and I have never been that good but your technique helped me a lot. I have many drawing books and soon to have yours. I will try to send some of my drawings into you! But I am just typing this e-mail to say good job!

Creative and involving, encouraging and engaging:  these adjectives describe Darrin Brege as an artist an assembly speaker.

Carol Ritt - Principal, St. Paul's Lutheran School
Northville, MI

Student's were on the edges of their seats watching Mr. Brege's drawings come to life.  His humor and talent appealed to all ages.

Karen Burrill - Teacher, Loon Lake Elementary
Walled Lake, MI.

Mr. Brege's high-energy and interaction with the students kept them mesmerized throughout the entire presentation.

Gail Girbach - Teacher, Lindbom Elementary
Brighton, MI.

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