Bell-Brege is the Founder and Director of the hilarious improvisational comedy troupe - Totally Unrehearsed Theatre. Bell-Brege originally wanted to be a ballerina, but she wasn't quite graceful enough and her hair wouldn't stay in a bun.  Instead, she moved on to comedy and it was a better fit than any tu-tu! She has studied at Second City-Chicago and did an improv intensive with the guru of improv Paul Sills (founder of improv-comedy shows in Chicago in the 1950's).  Bell-Brege also teaches improv at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle, and does public speaking on the importance of humor in life and how to use it.  A former Communications Specialist for UAW-Chrysler - which she says was like Lucy playing in a Star Wars movie, she was also a Radio Host, Copywriter, and National Tour Commentator for Working Woman Magazine. Besides her career, Bell-Brege is an extremely happy wife (married to Darrin Brege who is also in the troupe-how convenient-eh?) and mother to their adorable son!


Brege has been a hilarious, energetic member of TUT since 1994.  He is also a freelance graphic artist and the cover artist and illustrator for the Michigan and American Chillers Series.  He has a "how to" art book called 'The Chill Art Sketchbook' in bookstores now, which he co-wrote with his wife.  Darrin does over 30 impressions, and was the comedic impressionist for many years for Detroit's number one sports talk radio station am1130 WDFN The Fan.  Brege also does numerous commercial voice-overs, as well as television spots.  He feels that "it's the grilling that makes it good"… not really, but you've most likely heard that a few times in one of his many Tubby's Subs TV spots.   He is married to Karen -  one funny couple that  undoubtedly belong together.  To him, there's nothing more special than having a serious family discussion as Archie Bunker, or as the Osbournes, Peter and Lois Griffin, or the Simpsons.  Doh!


Wilson has been performing with Totally Unrehearsed Theatre for over 8 years.  In that time Jeff has gone through many phases including: "leave me alone and stop looking at me" to "I'm a little teapot". A hilarious performer and writer for TUT, Wilson worked as a Birmingham Groves High School Disciplinarian for 18 years.  Which Wilson says if you do that job you have to have a keen sense of humor, or else you will find yourself walking barefoot on the beach one day wearing a corduroy suit while looking for skittles. Wilson has the corner on quick wit; he has sold numerous comic writings to Joan Rivers and various other comics, Mad & Cracked Magazines, as well as radio.


A 7 year cast member with Totally Unrehearsed Theatre Heather will tell you that she got hired into TUT based on her ability to make a monkey face.  Kovacik brings a youthful spontaneity and hilarity to the troupe with her over-the-top energy and street characters.  She attributes this to an Italian upbringing where she says she can't even pronounce some of the names.  She has a total love of animals, which may attribute to her being able to copy their facial expressions so perfectly.  Kovacik is one fantastic interior house painter, which she does full time, running her own business.

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