Laughter is  the shortest distance between two people 

                                                                 - Anonymous

   Sometimes in the daily  working life we forget how to laugh and enjoy. We hold  meetings and seminars yet we fail to realize that this  is the time to make a difference in the company, the  employees, and the organization as a whole, a time to  highlight the fun part of the working environment.  That's where we come in.

   Totally Unrehearsed Theatre  has performed for hundreds of corporations and  businesses at various events across the country.

   From enlightening the end of a  week long seminar, to adding that special touch of humor  pertaining to your annual meeting, or performing at  Holiday and Retirement parties, Company Anniversaries,  Picnics and Golf Outings. Totally Unrehearsed Theatre  will make your event one to remember.

   What's unique about Totally  Unrehearsed Theatre, is the individual personalization  that we offer, , by incorporating your company's  specifics into our show. Whether it's key-phrases, names  of people or acronyms, to acting out sketches that  highlight definite scenarios, and everyday situations  that pertain to your place of business. Our show will  surely capture your attention as both learning and  laughter will occur.

   The  training segment that Totally Unrehearsed Theatre has to  offer is custom designed for your group. Two of Totally  Unrehearsed Theatre's trainers will each speak about how  improvisation relates to your meeting. Followed by  improvisational games and scenarios, in which your group  will actually participate and learn through laughter,  teamwork and communication. (to this day we have never  had a group that didn't join in and enjoy their selves) .

   Whether it's a surprise  entrance for your group, a show and improvisational  training, and how it relates to you and your group both  personally and professionally. Totally Unrehearsed  Theatre will make your event a total hit.

   Some of the companies and  organizations that we have brought laughter,  enlightenment and learning to are: General Motors, Ford  Motor Company, Daimler-Chrysler Corporation,  UAW-Chrysler National Training Center, Detroit Edison,  Beaumont Hospital, American University Association of  Women, Valassis Corporation, Michigan Cancer Foundation,  and DMC Children's Hospital. .

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