A remarkable thing happens  to people when they laugh, they learn. By relaxing and  having fun we open up to the people around us, and our  surroundings.

   When Totally  Unrehearsed Theatre realized this, they began instilling  laughter and happiness by teaching improvisational  workshops and training sessions for a variety of groups.  From corporate executives to summer camp students, from  doctors and nurses to actors and actresses, from cavemen  to..., well you get the idea. They'll teach improv and  the importance of humor to anyone.


Since 1993, Totally  Unrehearsed Theatre has taught improvisation to  numerous corporations, businesses, schools, organizations,
church groups,  and hospitals.

   Whether  targeting specific areas and objectives for that  particular event, seminar, meeting, or just doing a  general training session on improvisation. Each and  every company has found that the outcome of the program  is extremely successful.

   From an hour long session  to a half day, complete with surprise arrival and a  performance by Totally Unrehearsed Theatre, whatever  your needs are for your group, Totally Unrehearsed  Theatre will custom design a training program  specifically for you.

   Totally  Unrehearsed Theatre guarantees that when your  participants are finished with the program they will  feel a sense of camaraderie and have a more positive  outlook. A stronger awareness of teamwork is always  imminent, with a new perspective on both their personal  and professional lives.  public,  family and friends.

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