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Karen and Darrin

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Karen Bell-Brege is an author, comedian, voice-over artist, and public speaker. Besides two best-selling children’s book series, she also writes for the MEAPS, ELAP, other school tests, and freelances. Bell-Brege (along with her husband Darrin) visits hundreds of schools every year. They inspire children to read, write, draw, and follow their dreams with their humorous and high-energy presentations.
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Bell-Brege is also the founder, director and performer in the improv troupe Totally Unrehearsed Theatre, which performed weekly at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle. The Breges continue to do many corporate and humor training shows, and they also perform stand-up. Bell-Brege is on the board of the National Speakers Association. She is a graduate of Brown Institute with a degree in broadcasting. The Brege’s love to make people laugh, adore their son, who is the namesake of the bestselling Mick Morris Myth Solver series. They reside in the Midwest and have a cat named Harry.

Darrin Brege is an illustrator, comedian, voice-over artist and radio impressionist. He is also a full time Creative Director for the promotional agency Hello World (formerly ePrize). There he runs a studio team of six artists and creates original art for numerous Fortune 500 companies. Brege is the illustrator and cover designer for all of the Mick Morris Myth Solver and Ghost Board Posse books. He also co-wrote Sketch the Myths, and illustrated a picture book. Brege attended animation school in Southern California and has a Bachelor of Arts from Albion College.

Brege has created original characters and animations for Warner Brother, Hasbro, HBO, Disney, General Mills and many more. Brege impersonates over 30 celebrities and cartoon characters and he is the weekly comedic impressionist for ESPN 96.1 Grand Rapids. He is also a member of Totally Unrehearsed Theatre and does stand-up with Karen. He is a proud father, as his son is following in his artistic footsteps. Together the Breges love to laugh, inspire and share their wonderful children’s stories.


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