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Our Books

Here's a list of our books...We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed creating them for you.

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Mick Morris Myth Solver #1: All Isn't Well in Roswell!

Mick Morris Myth Solver #1 All Isn”t Well in Roswell, for ages 7-12, is an exciting adventure about Mick Morris who travels in the Myth Mobile with his parents as they head to Roswell, New Mexico to film the Myth Solvers show. This time they are looking to uncover facts about aliens crashing to earth in the 1940s. As filming begins, Mick, his best friend Nathan, and his least-favorite cousin Sissy, decide to sneak away on their own myth solving mission. Frightening events happen when Sissy gets captured by evil aliens. Mick and Nathan have only one choice - to save her. But, before they know it more aliens appear, good aliens who will help them save Sissy. But now Nathan and Mick have to help them recover a missing cylinder containing vital information to save the planet before the evil aliens get to it. Twists and turns, and peril catch them at every turn in this fun, scary book. Every book features 'Five Ways to Finish' meaning five different endings. This book has a normal, scary, superhero, silly, and short ending.
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Mick Morris Myth Solver #2 Bigfoot...Big Trouble!

Mick Morris Myth Solver #2 Bigfoot...Big Trouble!  After the excitement of discovering aliens in Roswell, New Mexico, Mick, Nathan, and Sissy are on another terrifying adventure. This time they are heading to northern California in pursuit of the frightening, elusive Bigfoot! As the Myth Mobile rolls down the road, this exciting  adventure begins with suspicious characters like Uncle Buckey with his crazy uncontrollable eye, and the scary people that show up next to the Myth Mobile in the middle of the night. But that's only the beginning, before they know it they discover the freakiest 'Freak Show' at an old-time carnival that claims to have a real Bigfoot creature! What ensues is a series of harrowing events and close calls while Mick, Nathan and Sissy discover the real Bigfoot being held captive by some very evil characters.The 'Five Ways to Finish' in this book are normal, scary, western, talk show and comic book.
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Mick Morris Myth Solver #3 Champ..A Wave of Terror!

Mick Morris Myth Solver #3 Champ...A Wave of Terror!  Mick is thrilled that the next location will be more of a fun vacation, than a myth solving mission. As they head to Port Henry, New York for a relaxing summer break on the beaches of Lake Champlain, they are certain that the lake monster called Champ (The American version of the Loch Ness) is nothing but a myth. However, the very minute they get to the lake bizarre events begin to happen! There’s a strange girl that keeps trying to get Mick's attention and mysterious notes and creepy writing on the cottage mirror in lipstick. It all leads to one perilous boat ride, a bizarre scientist, and a life threatening encounter with the most terrifying lake monster - Champ. The 'Five Ways to Finish' in this book are normal, scary, sci-fi, freakish fairy tale, and internet chat.
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Mick Morris Myth Solver #4: Grudge of the Gremlins!

Mick Morris Myth Solver #4 Grudge of the Gremlins! After a wild experience tracking the lake monster Champ on Lake Champlain, while they are heading home, Mick and Nathan beg to see America's most famous museum - The Henry Ford. Deciding that this would be a great experience, the family and crew take a detour and head to the museum for some historical fun. But, the unthinkable happens during their visit. Mischievous gremlins, that have been hidden in the historic planes, begin to wreak total havoc. Their evil plan is to start a world war! Now it's up to Mick, Nathan and Sissy to stop the vicious gremlins, but the problem is the gremlins keep multiplying! Join the myth solvers as they struggle to save themselves, the museum, and the world. The 'Five Ways to Finish' in this book are normal, scary, time travel, B movie, and Questions Only - an improvisation game.
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Mick Morris Myth Solver #5: Abominable Snowman...A Frozen Nightmare!

Mick Morris Myth Solver #5 Abominable Snowman...A Frozen Nightmare! It's one thing to go on myth solving missions in warm weather, but in the frozen wilderness of Alaska that’s another story. Flying into Alaska makes this mission even more frightening right from the start! Mick, Nathan, and Sissy could never have planned for the horrors that they would encounter while in search of the Abominable Snowman. From the crazy woman screaming in the streets about a snow beast, to the terrifying chase in the wilderness through icy tunnels and frozen caverns, even more horror lies ahead! The 'Five Ways to Finish' in this book are normal, scary, shrunken, reverse and tabloid news.
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Mick Morris Myth Solver #6: Threatening Thunderbirds!

Mick Morris Myth Solver #6: Threatening Thunderbirds!  For hundreds of years there have been stories of giant, vicious birds being sighted, but are they a myth or reality?  This time what is planned as a summer vacation, turns out to be a surprise myth solving mission for Mick, Nathan, and Sissy. From the city of Chicago to the small town of Alton Illinois, it’s one giant goose chase after another. Through perilous river rides to life threatening electrical grids, see what lurks up in the skies, and if these winged monsters exist or not. The exciting ˜Five Ways to Finish” this book are normal, scary, parallel dimension, a poem, and a recipe.
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Sketch The Myths

Learn to draw Bigfoot, Aliens, and more of your favorite myth monsters! If you like to draw, then this is the book for you! It features exciting information on how-to-draw every kind of myth imaginable in every kind of art style. Plus, you’ll find exciting myth facts, as this sketchbook will not only inspire you, but also entertain! It offers lessons that every true artist should know, and it will also engage your sense of humor and amuse you as you learn. You’ll be encouraged to find your own style and follow your artistic dreams through fun and creativity!  80 pages of fun artistic learning and laughing.
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Ghost Board Posse #1: Lonsdon Screaming

Ghost Board Posse #1 London Screaming. When five skateboarders from completely different walks of life dream of winning the biggest boarding competition ever they have no idea what horrifying adventures lie ahead. Once on tour, their first stop is London, England, where they humorously deal with a nasty manager and crazy happenings. But the danger really begins when they're enticed to enter the most haunted castle in England by an Internet stranger who goes by the name of Ghost Talker. Once inside, they embark on a journey of terrifying mysteries and vicious secrets, and the only way out is to solve the 250 year old murder mystery. Time is ticking, and they have to save their friend Harlo, who is trapped in the hideous dungeon, and escape in time for the kick-off of their world wide tour. Join the team as they ollie and grind through this gruesome, thrilling, humorous tale!
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Ghost Board Posse #2: Aloha Haunts

Ghost Board Posse #2 Aloha Haunts. This exciting sequel to the original thriller Ghost Board Posse #1 London Screaming brings more horror, humor and chills!  This time the Posse is heading to Kauai, Hawaii and the team is thrilled that the second stop on the international tour will be in Pal’s hometown. After the chilling episode in London, nothing sounds better to the team than warm sunny days and surfing in clear, ocean waters. But little do they know that it is the year that the mysterious tribal zombies will be surfacing - and the team won’t have a choice but to save Ming from being sacrificed. Hanging ten with these awesome characters and hideous zombies makes this one horror filled adventure!
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