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10-5-05  A big THANKS for everyone at St. Joseph's school in St. Johns.  We really had a wonderful afternoon!  You were a pleasant bunch!  It was our pleasure to present for you .  Hope to see ya soon!

6-9-05  Thank you to Ria Cole (shown with Karen) and all of the students and staff of the Summit Academy in Flat Rock.  We had a wonderful afternoon.  It was a hot afternoon, with the temps in the 90s, but a fun time none-the-less!  We hope all of the students have a great summer break!  Here are some pictures.

We had the pleasure of visiting Lindbom Elementary! Special thanks to 3rd grade teacher Ms. Durbin and Lindbom's Principal Mrs. Short. We had a fantastic time and as you know this school is near and dear to our hearts! And WOW! Talk about a fun, energetic and polite group of students!  Lindbom rocks!

5-21-05 The Barnes & Noble in Kentwood, Michigan had really outdone themselves for our visit.  Community Relations Director Darcee Foote had an art package and treats watiting for every child that attended! Together we designed an angry gnome.  What a great time, and thanks to everyone who stopped by!

4-30-05  This Saturday, we visited a couple of Barnes & Nobel Bookstores.  We started in Ann Arbor, and ended up in Royal Oak.  Thanks to everyone who came out.  It was great meeting you.  A special thanks to Chris in Royal Oak for taking care of us.  That store also brought out a couple of surprises...comedian from our troupe Jeff Wilson (who signed his picture in our book), and some punk rockers.

4-26-05  McGlinnen Elementary - What a way to start a day!  We spent the morning visiting our friend-Music Director, and 2nd grade teacher Harvey Colombo at McGlinnen Elementary in Clinton Township.  He's pictured below with another friend and teacher Judy Walsh, and Principal Cathy LaMont..   Thank you so much eveybody.  We love visiting your school.  It was our 3rd time there for various events!

4-22-05 Oakley Park Elementary-We had a great time at Oakley Park Elementary in Walled Lake.  Thank you for having us!  Also, a special thank you to 2nd grade teacher and friend Mr. Cooper and his class.  They helped pick the cover of the Chill Art Sketchbook back in October 2004.  Check out the nature/rainforest theme they had going on in the media center.  It was the perfect setting for getting creative!  We'll see you on 4-28-05 for your book fair!

The weekend of April 15th was educator's weekend at Borders Books.  We visited quite a few locations and signed a bunch of books.  Here's some pictures, the first three are from Borders Brighton and our good friend there Sue Tucker!

Have you ever read the fabulous picture books 'Wish to be a Christmas tree," or "A is for Arc?"  Well, here is author and illustrator Collen and Michael Monroe!  We recently did a signing with them.

What a wonderful visit at the Resurrection School in Lansing on April 15th.  We had a blast!  Thank you Mr. Kahne and his class for all of the help, and for coming up with the banner and awesome Chiller masks!  You guys were great!!

April 9th at Schulers Books in Lansing.  We were paid a visit by our good friend and ATO Dave and his daughters.  We had a great time, and it was wonderful to see them!

March 25th, 2005.  Thank you Mary Ellen and her wonderful staff at Aria Booksellers in Howell!  We had a wonderful afternoon, and will be back for sure.  It was great to meet everyone who came out..

March 18th, 2005.  Karen and I made a return trip to see our friends at Warren Woods Middle School  for an hour of personal art instruction.  I had the pleasure of sharing my drawing techniques to a group of mostly 7th graders, and had a blast!  Special thanks to a fantastic art teacher Mrs. Duffy (pictured) and Denice Hildebrandt for having us there.  It was truly a wonderful morning.

March 11th, 2005.  We had a wonderful afternoon at Dolsen Elementary School in New Hudson.  It was great meeting many of the students and especially principal Jim Soubly.  Thank you for having us during reading month.  Speaking of which, what could be better than hearing from a writer during that month?  Karen, the author of the Sketchbook, spoke to the students about writing, reading, and following their dreams.

March 3rd, 2005.  Here are a couple of quick pictures from Warren Woods middle school.  Thanks so much to Denice Hildebrandt and her daughter Ash for having us visit durning conferences and the book fair.  I'm looking forward to coming back to Warren Woods March 18th for my workshop with Ms. Duffy's art class.  See you then!

February 28, 2005.  We went right from Marble Elementary, to  Glencarin in East Lansing!

February 28, 2005.  We paid a visit to our  friends at Marble Elementary in East Lansing!  Thank you Mrs. Preston, Mrs. Callis and Mrs. Bain and her welcoming committee for all of the help and decorations!

February 26, 2005.  As a favor to our new marketing and promotional group, Edgar Norman Creative, we did a signing for one of their other clients: Cranes Bill Books in Chelsea. We had an awesome time, thanks to Jan Loveland  and her incredibly nice staff for being such wonderful hosts!

Pictures from the world premiere of the Chill Art Sketchbook.  Feb 19th, 2005

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