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“I love laughter, except when milk comes out my nose.”
Woody Allen

About Improv and Programs

What is improv?
Improv is the ability to think quickly and creatively on your feet while living in the moment. It is performing without a script, and has been around since the Renaissance age. It is a collective participation between the performers and the audience. Although improv is not actually comedy, the hilarity comes from being true to yourself.

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Why improv?
When improv is applied to business practices and incorporated into our everyday lives, it allows us to lead a less stressful, more focused, productive and happy life…and who wouldn't want that?

program k copyPrograms:
Whatever your needs, we can provide your group with a fantastic customized performance, speech, and/or training session. From a high-energy keynote with personalized training, to a comedy improv show with surprise character entrances, to customized sketch comedy, to basic improv training the choice is yours. 

This creative approach to learning can be incorporated with your specific program to meet your goals for your event.  

Your audience will begin thinking creatively through shared laughter, fun, focus and improvisation as they participate. They won't even realize that they are learning – they'll be having so much fun!

They will de-stress, use their imaginations, and become more spontaneous, while engaging in skills that will lead them to open communication, teamwork, and innovation.

It might be tackling diversity issues, meeting sales goals, instilling new methodologies, de-stressing, or simply fulfilling the needs of humor for your event. No matter what your goals, we can offer a superior program.

For conferences, meetings, associations, retreats, organizations, annual meetings, break-out sessions, workshops, corporate events, fund-raisers, or celebrations.

For businesses, corporations, health care facilities, organizations, associations, libraries and educational facilities

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